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Considering Chair Massage | Alicia Michaelis, Licensed Massage Therapist | Conway, Arkansas

Considering Chair Massage

Perhaps you’ve seen it before. Maybe it was in the mall, at an event, or even at your workplace. It’s not that multi-thousand dollar remote-control recliner with all of the little nobs that pulse and move. This is a small, odd-looking chair accompanied by a skilled licensed massage therapist. Chair massage (also called seated or on-site massage) provides a wealth of benefits with a minimal time investment. In five, ten, or fifteen minutes, a chair massage can reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance performance.

A study performed at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami subjected participants to fifteen-minute chair massages twice a week. The results showed a decrease in anxiety and stress, and brain waves proved they were more relaxed and alert. There was also marked improvement in speed and accuracy on math computations. What does that mean for you? It means that massage—even for a short duration—can help relax tight muscles and remind the body to breathe. Chair massage can provide that much-needed boost in energy and focus to help you finish the day strong.

Why You Should Consider Chair Massage

A chair massage is a great way to preview the world of bodywork. You don’t have to undress which means you don’t need the privacy of a table massage. Also, there are no oils or lotions used during a chair massage. Even though full-body massages are optimal, they can relax you to the point of falling asleep, which can be difficult to recover from for the rest of the day. A chair massage allows you to experience the benefits of massage and get right back to your day feeling exhilarated.

If you’ve ever been curious about massage or have been trying to explain to a friend or co-worker why getting massages is so wonderful, a chair massage is a great sampling.

More About That Odd-Looking Chair

The key to comfort for seated massages is the custom-tailored chair. With pads supporting your face, chest, arms, pelvis, and knees, this chair is surprisingly comfortable. It is important that you are able to relax and feel fully supported. The chair is fully adjustable so it can be custom fit to your specific body simply by maneuvering a few sections to your liking. The unique design allows the therapist to have easy access to areas on your body that may be the tightest, such as the neck, shoulders, and back.

Why Chair Massage Is So Effective

Chair massage is rooted in a centuries-old Japanese massage technique called amma. A predecessor to shiatsu massage, amma is done while seated, and therapists work specifically on the body’s pressure points. By utilizing pressure point work on the areas made accessible by the chair, therapists can relieve muscle tension and stress without working directly on the skin.

The massage therapist will adjust the chair massage routine for maximum effectiveness based on how long of a session you choose. These sessions can be particularly effective in treating work-related issues like repetitive stress conditions and muscle tightness linked to desk jobs and sitting in front of a computer. If you have any specific concerns like carpal tunnel syndrome or neck or shoulder stiffness, be sure to inform the massage therapist. They may suggest a longer session for your next visit to address your needs.

The Cost And Work Benefits

Chair massages typically cost a dollar per minute. This is an economical option for bodywork since the sessions are relatively short. Massage enthusiasts will tell you that $15 is a great investment in your health, not to mention it feels great!

Chair massage for employees is becoming more common in the workplace. Increased productivity and employee appreciation are just the beginning of the benefits acknowledged by management. Some companies pay for the services, while others provide a space and time for chair massage and employees pay for themselves. If your company doesn’t already offer chair massage, ask your manager or human resources director if it’s possible to bring this service to your workplace, then contact me to set it up!

A Moment Of Tranquility Never Hurts

If you happen to encounter a chair massage opportunity, do yourself a favor and sign up. It’s totally worth it and you’ll be glad you did!

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